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10 Reasons to Visit Tenerife
Basic Geography
Pre-colonial times
Christopher Columbus
Canaries - LOUISIANA 1763
Canaries - San Antonio Texas 1731
Canaries Cuba 1800 - 1900's
Africa – Canaries
Piñata Canaria
Tenerife Carnival
Museums and Culture
Al Gore Bill Clinton Tenerife
Jose Marti
Ropa Vieja
Hollywood Movies
Gastronomic Overview
Wine and Drinks
Modern Attractions
Web cam live 24 hours!
Latest News
Canarian Culture
The Guanches
Daily Weather
Estate Agents
Health care centres
Airport Regulations
Sanitary Regulations
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10 Reasons to Visit Tenerife
  1. Christopher Columbus sailed from here to discover the US
  2. Many Americas are direct descendants of Canarian People
  3. The Canaries were the main departure point for voyages to the new world
  4. There are over 60 museums and centers tracing the islands history
  5. Canarian Families founded Cities Louisiana, San Antonio Texas and many in Cuba, Venezuela,
  6. The weather is subtropical all year round
  7. The island is part of Europe but tax free
  8. Home to Spain’s highest mountain (3718m) and Europe’s largest inactive volcano
  9. Whales and Dolphins circle the island most of the year and can be seen daily from boat trips
  10. Flights are available directly from Miami once a week
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