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Modern Attractions

The Loro Parque is home to some 30,000 animal species including the world's largest collection of penguins. It also boasts silverback gorillas, panthers and much, much more. If you harbor a particular passion for parrots and exotic birds you can find some 300 of the world's 8,000 species and sub-species here - the most important collection of parrots in the world. Attractions are not just confined to our feathered friends. There is a marine life section with impressive coral displays, as well as innumerable fish tanks containing all kinds of monsters and beauties such as sea horses and even sharks. Try walking down the shark tunnel without feeling slightly concerned about the strength of the glass. Out in the open (where you'll feel more safe) there are round the clock sea-lion, dolphin and parrot shows. Larger creatures include gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, jaguars, alligators, flamingos and Galapagos tortoises, while the Orchid House has a fantastic floral display - plenty to keep you occupied and interested for at least a day.

Siam Park is a brand new record-breaking, oriental adventure in the South of Tenerife. The largest theme park with aquatic rides in Europe. The park with the longest lazy river in the world - more than a kilometer long and set on 2 different levels 8 meters apart. It's got the largest man-made waves anywhere - up to an incredible 3metres in height with its own surf school too! But its not just about size! The real difference with Siam Park is that the moment you step through the stunning gateway you enter a world full of the mystery and adventure of the ancient kingdom of Thailand. The technology behind the rides is right up to date though - to give you the best thrills around! The awesome Tower of Power, the mighty Giant and the impressive Dragon are just some of the adrenalin pumping attractions inside.

AQUALAND COSTA ADEJE situated on the Adeja-Arona coast, close to Playa de Las Americas, is the only Water Park and Dolphinarium in the Canary Islands, Its award winning dolphin shows have gained high recognition worldwide. The Dolphin Planed allows you to discover more about these amazing sea mammals. Aqualands huge dolphin arena permits great viewing of this spectacular show. The water park offers attractions for all ages and the new Tornado is the star of the show. This adrenalin-raising ride is not to be missed. If you prefer something less racy, you can relax in the Congo River. The kids can live their adventures on the Pirate Boat and in the Mini Park.

JUNGLE PARK next to the Teide Mountain with lions, tigers, panthers, orang-utans and many other species. An animal park located in the most spectacular environment you could ever imagine. It is hard to define Las Águilas – Jungle Park without being too simple. It is, in fact, an animal park where you will be able to watch some of the most feared and respected animals such as lions, jaguars, tigers and panthers. You will also be able to see chimps, orang-utans, meerkats, zebras and many more. Take a tour around this park is, thus, almost as taking a glance at Noe’s Arc. Nevertheless, it is also an adventure park where children can play in a real jungle, pretend they are explorers, climb up ropes, go hundreds of meters riding the Bob and experience a thousand adventures. Besides all this we have fantastic shows with birds of prey and parrots, two different kinds of birds that have something in common: the skills to do amazing tricks and surprise you with their every movement.

Golf Clubs
Tenerife is a regular venue for world tournaments and is the home to many of Europe’s most envied Course. For more information visit our Gold Club website

Teide Mountain and National Park
A stunning dormant Volcano and Spains Highest Mountain. For more information visit our website.

Santa Cruz – Capital City
The Capital of Tenerife but not necessarily the best place to stay for American Visitors due to its distance from other major attractions. Perfect for a day trip or as part of our Museum Tours for more information visit

There are an immense amount of diving opportunities and the Atlantic location and volcanic origins of the islands offers spectacular dives.

We offer all types of sailing experiences whether it be a simple day trip to see the whales and dolphins to a complete charter yacht experience to visit neighboring islands.

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