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Piñata Canaria

It has also been reported that the Spanish conquistadors sailing from the Canarian Islands brought the piñata practice to Cuba and Mexico, where it became very popular perhaps due to the similar local tradition of breaking clay pots. But the Spaniards soon changed the meaning of the piñata in the new world.

It is believed that at the beginning of the 16th century the Spanish missionaries that went to America lured converts to their ceremonies by using piñatas. The friars cleverly transformed the traditional clay pot ceremonies into religious instruction sessions. They did this by covering the pot with colored paper, and giving it an impressive, perhaps evil appearance. The decorated clay pot may have represented Satan or evil deeds who would wear a pleasing mask to seem attractive and deceive the non-Christian.

Today the Piñata is a “must have” culmination of any Hispanic Childs birthday party, despite this tradition having no equal in the USA or northern Europe part celebrations.

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